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Murals are for Adults too

January 20, 2010

In a recent article in Psychology Today, murals were used to help connect people connect with scenes of familiarity from their past. “A decor that is reminiscent of their earlier years can help stimulate their memory,” says William Senders, coordinator of nursing homes at the New York City Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Although the article discusses the sullen subject of alzheimers, the study did show that murals on the wall helped patients to connect with memories in their past life.

Recently I had Farley paint a mural of an Asian countryside on my wall. Every night when I arrive home from work, I am greeted Read more…


Why Paint Murals for Homes and Businesses?

December 21, 2009


Why paint a Mural on an Interior or Exterior wall of your home or business?
Because a mural can:

* visually expand a space;
* “grow” another room or outside patio altogether;
* help visitors feel welcome and put them at ease;
* transform a strange wall or niche, where no can furniture fit, into a focal point;
* make time go by quicker when visitors can enjoy a pleasing environment;
* calm frightened children before seeing a doctor or dentist; Read more…

Fantasy Theme

December 3, 2009

Boston Skyline and Landmarks!

November 26, 2009

The Planets Align At Fenway!

October 4, 2009


It’s the bottom of the seventh. The Sox have a man on second and third. Ortiz approaches the plate and the crowd goes wild. The pinch hitter is one with the ball!

Glow In The Dark Murals!

September 30, 2009



The Wild Things Are On The Walls

September 25, 2009


It’s an old story with a new twist — there are more than seven lines in the movie!  “Where The Wild Things Are” is the classic story about hope, fear and adventure and a child who escapes to a world where he makes the rules. Now with Read more…